"La Bonne Quisine est la base du véritable bonheur." Auguste Escoffier



The literal translation of broth is “basis”. Every decent sauce begins with a broth. First of all, for a classic chef it is a vital ingredient. A successful broth should have the most qualitative ingredients and a well-thought and perfected method of preparation.

That is why Auguste works only with the best ingredients and she respects the natural cooking process.

Our knowledge of expertise results in an authentic and artisanal product with depth, that meets the expectations of every professional .


Sauces are essential in defining your kitchen.

They cannot dominate the dish, but they are the link between the different components on the plate and should bring the dish to the next level.

When we prepare a sauce, a complex search begins to find the balance between scent, taste, colour and texture.

Auguste guarantees tasteful and honest sauces, that are subdivided into three categories: Basis, Classic and Special. These are made on the basis of fresh broths, which is why every sauce acquires its own character.

The culinary sauces of Auguste are ready-to-use and give the chef room for his own creativity.

Prepared dishes

The chef team of Auguste created a stylish range of tasty recipes for Foodservice (frozen) as well as retail (fresh).

Auguste is the first to apply the low temperature cooking industrially.This makes the meat more tender, juicier and thus more tasteful. Further move, the texture is better,giving a better presentation on the plate.

The carefully prepared sauces build a perfect bridge between meat/fish and their garniture. The ultimate combination of juicy meat, fresh sauce and carefully selected garnitures are our strengths to bring convenience to the highest level.

Auguste stands for quality and we are proud of it!